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All You Need to Know About HTML

Have you ever wondered how webpages were developed earlier? If HTML comes to your mind, you are on the right track. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It involves a number of codes and formats, similar to a programming language. The html tips are generally used to make the web pages viewable on the internet. Simply put, only with HTML the webpages are interesting to look.

The early era of web pages

Before HTM came into existence, designing a webpage was one of the hardest tasks on the internet. The design procedures were limited to notepads and one’s own imagination. There were no HTML editors at that time and there was also a shortage of web developers. They had to learn a coding language that was way more lengthy and tedious than any languages that we use today.

Then the first HTML editor, Nexus came into use. It was originally written in Object C by Tim Berners Lee. Nexus was the primitive HTML editor that changed the world of web development. There was no need for typing the entire HTML code from the scratch; the editor itself had the necessary formats. Since then, many HTML editors have been developed and web developing was made even simpler.

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Why you should learn HTML?

Even though HTML editors are supposed to carry out the necessary HTML coding, they are not always perfect and are likely to make errors. They might also come up with unnecessary HTML codes that might affect the validity of your web page. This is the main reason why you need to know some html tips.

Sometimes the HTML editor might put some unnecessary HTML codes into your web page. During such cases, you need to intervene and make the necessary change to the code. Sometimes the HTML code will entirely crash and you will have to inspect the code for yourselves. The editor will also come up with wrong or copy codes that you can’t afford to use. During all these situations, you can work your own way to the desired results if you have some knowledge about HTML.

If you know HTML you can create your own web pages and need not hire anyone for your web development. It’s also a very simple coding language and you don’t have to spend on tutorials for learning this. It’s available for free on the internet and all you need to do is dedicate some time to learn this language.